Helle Andersen • Underviser rutinerede om mandagen.

Helle Andersen

Vores danse - Rutinerede

Doing Alright Today

Koreograf: Susanne Mose Nielsen (Nov. 2015)

Musik: It's A Great Day To Be Alive by Lee Matthews

Gypsy Queen  

Koreograf: Hazel Pace (May 2016)

Musik: Gypsy Queen by Chris Norman

High Cotton 

Koreograf: Niels Poulsen (Oct 2013)

Musik: High Cotton by Alabama.

Corn Don't Grow

Koreograf: Tina Argyle (April 2014)

Musik: Where Corn Don't Grow by Travis Tritt.


Koreograf : Benny Ray

Musik: K-I-S-S by Rockabilly Jeart

Such A Fool 

Koreograf: Niels B. Poulsen

Musik: A Fool Such as I by Jason Donovan

Fall In Love 

Koreograf: Pat Stott (Nov. 2013)

Musik: Never Gonna Fall In Love by Tim Redmann

The Boat To Liverpool  

Koreograf: Ross Brown

Musik: On The Boat To Liverpool by Nathan Carter

Carters Rock 

Koreograf: Diana Dawson (Marts 2014)

Musik: The Way That You Love Me by Nathan Carter

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